Kim-Ho Ip

• Composer
• Performer
• Intercultural Artist
• Event Producer
• PhD in music composition
University of Edinburgh)







Kimho receives numerous awards in supporting his professional development in music. In 1997 he received a fellowship from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) which enabled him to study composition in Germany . With the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship and the Composers & Authors Society of Hong Kong Fellowship he furthered his study and research in Edinburgh and London . In 2003, he was short-listed as highly commended in the International Students Awards, British Council.

Since the year 2000, Kimho has been actively working with musicians, dancers and visual artists in the UK . He performs on Yang-chin and cello with ensembles in Edinburgh , Glasgow , London , Bristol and York . Recent performances include the St. Magnus Festival in Orkney and the Celtic Connections in Glasgow . As the director of the Intercultural Music & Arts Project (iMAP), and as the artist-in-residence for the company In2national , he is supported by the Scottish Arts Council and the City Council of Glasgow and Edinburgh, to develop new music initiatives, as well as educational projects. In 2004 he worked as Research Fellow at SOAS, University o London , in a research on cross-cultural music and dance performance. With Anne-Marie Culhane , he performs a series of improvisation sessions inspired by Japanese Butoh and Chinese Tai-Chi.

His compositions have been performed at the ISCM World New Music Days (2002), music@Edinburgh festival (2003) and the Edinburgh International Festival (2005). Ensembles which have performed his works include the Edinburgh String Quartet, Emperor String Quartet, Shanghai New Ensemble, the Paragon Internationals, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Bach Choir and Hong Kong Sinfonietta.


葉劍豪於愛丁堡大學音樂系完成博士學位。於過去十年 , 獲得獎項包括德國學術交流部獎 , 英國文化協會國際學生獎 , 尤德爵士獎學基金及香港作曲及作詞家協會獎學金。他以大提琴和揚琴演奏不同民族的音樂 , 與各類藝術團體 , 編舞家及劇團等 , 合作演出及創作廣泛不同風格及形式的音樂。其中包括實驗性現代音樂 , 爵士樂 , 中國傳統民樂 , 蘇格蘭及印度民族樂 , 和西洋古典音樂。他的作品及演奏在英國被視為是「多元文化」音樂的潮流。劍豪的多元文化計劃亦包括為格拉斯哥皇家音樂及戲劇學院設計之即興及創作工作坊 , 與及在倫敦大學進行的跨文化音樂與舞蹈的學術研究。他的作品曾在 ISCM 國際現代音樂節及愛丁堡國際藝術節等首演 , 演出其作品之團體包括愛丁堡弦樂四重奏 , 英皇弦樂四重奏 , 上海新合奏團 , 英國廣播電台蘇格蘭交響樂團 , 香港巴赫合唱團 , 香港中樂團及香港小交響樂團。

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